Lasting Memories

Our wedding photography style has been described as organic. Not in the "costs three times as much as the non-organic" way, but rather in a way that guides you and allows your natural relationship and bond to dictate the pose. As you lose yourself in the moment, our camera shutters are whirling away and capturing every laugh, every smile, and every tear of joy. We never tire of finding the moments you never even knew were happening.

Shout Out

We are Lisa & Dennis

We are life-long photographers who enjoy working together to capture the joy and spirit of our clients. Our photography has allowed us the privilege to meet and work with many beautiful people and we have been lucky to meet some of our greatest friends through our work.

Dennis has been photographing weddings since college. But it wasn't until we got married that we started working to capture every moment together. Dennis captures the big picture while Lisa focuses in on the details and the close-up moments that happen when you least expect them. In sync, we tell the complete story our clients never even knew was unfolding.



“This husband and wife team is amazing. They were on time and dressed to the event. Overall trustworthy and professional, I couldn’t have asked for more. My husband and I were very pleased with our wedding pictures. They really paid attention to what make you and your event special. Thank you Dennis and Lisa!”